Are You Sure You Don’t Lack Vitamin C?

images (1)SURE HEALTH BUILDER. I mean, are you really, really sure your body is sufficiently supplied daily with non-acidic Vitamin C? You need this vitamin daily to help your body fight diseases and stress. The Vitamin C you take today can no longer apply tomorrow. Each day, you  need fresh supplies of non-acidic Vitamin C because your body doesn’t store this vitamin. Any excess Vitamin C only gets washed away from your body.

So you need just enough Vitamin C daily. Don’t take more than your body can use because you’ll just flush them out through urination or perspiration. But how do you know you have enough? Is eating lots of fruits an assurance? Is taking Vitamin C supplements the answer?

Go ahead, eat lots of fruits daily, but it’s no assurance you’d get all the Vitamin C you need from fruits. Vitamin C from them easily evaporates a few minutes from being picked from trees. And if you buy fruits from stalls long exposed to the sun, lots of Vitamin C may have evaporated. And then there’s the fact that fruits are mostly bombarded with chemical pesticides and fertilizers while at the farm.

So where’s your Vitamin C from eating fruits? Chances are, all you get from your fruits are other vitamins and minerals and fiber, but not Vitamin C. No wonder I know people who eat lots of fruits but who still easily catch cold and cough, just the same. No Vitamin C in their fruits any more. And don’t count on the “fresh” fruit salads you eat in fastfoods or those you buy in cans.

If you want to supplement, then get the right Vitamin C supplement–one that gives you value for your money. Make sure it is crystallized Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate, frozen and crystallized so that the Vitamin C is stored intact without evaporation. It should be sodium ascorbate to make sure it’s non acidic, unlike synthetic, commercialized Vitamin C which gives you nothing but acidity. And anything acidic is perfect breeding ground for diseases, like cancer. Sodium ascorbate is alkaline.

Finally, make sure they are in veggie capsules, which are plant-base. Animal-base caps–which look shiny in bright colors–are really acidic. Why go for something with acidic content–though small–when you can go all-alkaline for less the cost? In my case, I finally found the right Vitamin C supplement for me with all the above features. I used to get the flu so easily [I had it probably once a month], but not anymore, thank God! He led me to discover my present non-acidic, pure alkaline Vitamin C supplement.

If you want real good health, never lack good quality Vitamin C.


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