Learn Japanese and Korean, Anyone?



NEW LANGUAGE INTEREST BUILDER. I and my wife are developing an interest in Japanese and Korean TV series, programs that have to do with history. Presently, we’re amazed by Empress Ki (which I think is Chinese, correct me if I’m wrong) and were mesmerized by Jewel in the Palace, Queen Seon Deok, Jumong, and others. We love listening to the music in the language, seeing the traditions and culture, especially how they present the protagonist as smart and witty, unlike in Philippine soaps were protagonists are often shown as stupid. I don’t know why.

Anyway, having seen a lot of these Asian TV series, I have this wistful yearning to learn Japanese and Korean, even Mandarin, so I won’t have to read subtitles before I realize what’s going on. I appreciate the trend today of Tagalizing (translating into Tagalog) foreign movies shown on local TV, but I believe in learning foreign languages–that’s why I wish they’d minimize Tagalizing English movies which isn’t necessary in this country.

Moreover, learning new languages–especially Japanese and Korean–has other benefits, like getting lucrative translating jobs. Just look at classified ads today and you’d see how many ads┬áthere are looking for applicants fluent in Japanese or Korean. They want tutors, teachers, translators, and even executive assistants or secretaries to work in Japanese or Korean companies which I heard offer high pays.

Probably you’d think, “I’m so busy I don’t have time to learn a new language, though I’m aware that learning Japanese or Korean can be life changing, financially speaking.” I understand what you mean. But I stumbled on a course one day that allows you to learn Japanese or Korean systematically, taking just a few minutes a day, at your most convenient time. I was excited myself and considering to see what it’s all about.

The course is said to be “award-winning and scientifically based,” and applies to anybody regardless of age or skill level. Accordingly, more than a million have already benefited from it worldwide–that means it’s effective! And my, what a curriculum they have! They even offer a 6-day FREE trial!

In my Karate training (I reached 1st dan blackbelt), I learned a couple of Japanese terms, like mae-geri, kiba dachi, and yoko geri. I also learned some Fookien (like di mia choy ia mia? for instance) when I studied Kung Fu. When I was told the stories behind the Japanese┬áterms I was better able to internalize the techniques and remember them. It’s an adventure that will add to building your life and career.

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