Diseaseless? Find Out from Dr. Patel

diseaseless-ebookEXTREME HEALTH BUILDER. I love reading and re-reading this bible passage: “No one living in Zion will say, ‘I am ill,'” [Isaiah 33.24]. And I’ve always believed that. I don’t believe in growing old and weak; I believe in going from glory to glory, spiritually and physically. Moses and Caleb grew strong physically as they aged, and why can’t that happen to me when fact is I’m in Christ? Every promise in the bible is a “yes” in Christ.

As I studied about this using the bible, prayer, and medical and alternative sciences, I discovered more its possibilities. Live a “diseaseless” life? Fact is, it’s more impossible living a “diseaseful” life! But there it is, the impossible happening to most people on a daily basis. I guess you can say “miracles” do happen, if we mean miracles as living a diseaseful life. But kidding aside, I see clearly how a diseaseless life is possible through faith in God, health and fitness, and natural supplements.

I used to be so sickly I couldn’t get out of bed or walk a dozen steps without gasping for breath. But with faith, health and fitness [I tried hard for years to start exercising again], and natural supplements, I’m back to good health and am working out like an athlete again, all by God’s grace! However, I know there’s more to life than this kind of health. I know I can be healthier through natural means.

Then I came across a health video online about Dr Patel. He is a 102-year old medical doctor who opted to treat diseases using natural means without synthetic drugs. And according to him, majority of debilitating diseases that affect people today are caused by gut dysbiosis or a severe imbalance of the gastrointestinal system resulting to inflammation. And from there you have your allergies (what Dr Patel calls “hidden” allergies) that affect your body organs and systems that lead to diseases like cancer, diabetes, asthma, and others–even cold and cough.

About 60 to 80 percent of your immune system depend on your gut or digestive system health, and this explains why inflammation or gut dysbiosis can almost cripple your immune system so that your life become diseaseful. But, get rid of the “hidden allergies” and tummy inflammation and you live a diseaseless life. To know more about gut dysbiosis, consult drdooley.com/gut-dysbiosis-therapy.php or Wikipedia on Dysbiosis.

To know more about Dr Patel’s Diseasless formula, please see below:

Download Synopsis of DISEASELESS to Get the Link to the FREE Video!


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