A Right Blogging Mindset to Make Money Online

mindset-eguide-purchaseMINDSET BUILDER. I’ve been making money on the Internet since 2000 but I started earning from blogging only recently–probably starting in 2005 or so, beginning¬†with Amazon affiliate products. Later, I discovered Clickbank and made some money from that, too. But I wanted to do more so I kept looking for ways to improve my blogging and learning from the experts. Clickbank University is a real treat for bloggers and so are the inputs of long-time and big-time bloggers like Eric Holmlund and Yaro Starak.

Mindset and passion are two of the vital things I learned in my bogging journey. Other technical knowledge are important but they all are secondary to the two. Without the right blogging mindset to make money online–and without passion to pursue the mindset–you’d end up with zero even with months or even years of blogging. In a gist, it’s like this–the right blogging mindset is your passion, and your passion is the right blogging mindset.

I’m sure you have a passion for something. Mine is building lives–having been a counselor, pastor, bible teacher, and discipler for decades. And together with my corporate experiences as PR supervisor, marketing manager and director, and training director, it’s easy to see why I love building lives and careers–and what I mean specifically is, helping people get the right mindsets and attitudes in their lives and careers–NOT really help them become better experts at¬†their professions.

And you probably also have a passion. If you want to start blogging but are wondering what you’d blog about, start with your passion and keep that in mind all throughout. It will keep you going and reaching your goals to the end, helping a lot of people feel better about their lives, themselves, and their careers–and then you earning a little something from that.

But what amazes me is how some people earn a big sum regularly by just helping people solve their problems using their blogs. I surely want that for myself. And mastering my mindset helped me see things in a better light. Now I see more clearly what my mission is. If you want to see things clearer why you are into blogging and how to go about it successfully, read about the Master Your Mind e-book.

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