Clean Network Marketing

NETWORK MARKETING BUILDER. Clean network marketing, one that is righteous, fair, legit and lucrative, is a dire lack in the industry, especially in the Philippines. Network marketing may be respectable in other countries but not in Manila. It’s been getting bad PR and greedy and unscrupulous networkers are responsible. 

I’ve seen them all through my 18 years in networking and as former marketing and training director and product consultant. I’ve met a lot of scammers and schemers and I don’t get it why they’re destroying their very income source.

You can’t mention network marketing around here without being shooed away. And you can’t blame them. Who hasn’t been victimized by networkers one time or another? I say victimized because that’s how people feel. They’re promised a pie in the sky and all of a sudden everything’s vanished into thin air. They’re either left to themselves with a worthless product or the networker who invited them ran away with their money.

But don’t get me wrong. Network marketing is good business. And if only some people can come together for a clean network marketing–a righteous system with a righteous company and networkers–it’s a good vehicle for the underprivileged and marginalized to make huge money starting with small capital. It’s the only way small wage earners can finally take off and reach their dreams. Even college students can make big money here part-time or full-time. And one networking company that you may try is Vital-C.

Not because something has been corrupted, doesn’t necessarily follow it’s altogether bad. Government has been corrupted by a greedy few, but it doesn’t mean government is bad altogether. Just because one seller of pop corn cheated you, it doesn’t mean all pop corn sellers are cheaters (or that pop corn is bad). Pop corn is still good; it’s just a matter of looking for the right, honest pop corn dealer. 

It’s worth searching for righteous, clean network marketing. But you have to take risks. And it’s worth it. You may make costly mistakes again and again, but that’s business. Business means risks. You stay in your comfort zone and you miss your full potentials in life. Clean network marketing can help you a lot to pursue your worthwhile dreams for your family. 

Today, the world of networking business is a jungle of risks and both good and unscrupulous people. You should beware because you have no one to blame but yourself if you fall into a trap. Real networkers should stay sharp. Like what Jesus said about being innocent as doves but wise as serpents–we need this in clean network marketing. 

The good news is, there are a few good companies existing today in the Philippines–like Vital-C. You can invest your small hard-earned capital with them and take off gradually, but not without tremors and trembling caused by air pockets, so to speak, as you fly off to heights. Clean network marketing is really like an airplane taking off. One mistake and you find yourself in a crash landing. Do it right and you soar high in the air safely. But even after a crash landing (and you survive), go on flying planes! Just choose the right plane next time.

The keys to successful clean network marketing are always diligence, perseverance, strategy, network, and last but not least, character. Character is the most powerful of them all. Without it the rest are garbage. Character defines clean network marketing.


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