Walkletics, Anyone?



FIT BODY BUILDER. Walk-Jog. It’s really a splendid experience every morning. You just take it easy and walk-jog as you enjoy your surroundings. Among health benefits of walk-jogging is bone health–which is my favorite. If you need some extra bone strength especially in the legs, try brisk walking or jogging a bit uphill. Don’t try to hit any speed or distance goal. Don’t try to achieve any time record. Just enjoy it. Just do it.

Anyway, you’re not an athlete, are you? Athletes would prefer full-swing running and other high impact workouts. If you just want to stay fit or lose weight, just enjoy your walk-jog, or what I like calling “walkletics”–a combination of brisk walking and other workouts, or walking and athletics. I shadow box sometimes while brisk walking or walk-jogging because I’m a martial arts instructor. It’s a great thing for workingout your footworks.

Start This Way

You start out with walking, especially if you’re a beginner. Just assume normal strides. Then build up speed gradually until you’re on full brisk walking. Then start to jog, with bursts of short-distance running, and then go back to walk-jogging, and then brisk walking. Do that repeatedly. A recent study shows that bursts of short-distance running burns more fats and calories, especially if you do it often during a workout. If you can (and your body have adjusted well due to regular walk-jogs), run as fast as you can for a period and then slow down into a walk-jog or brisk walk to rest and normalize breathing.

Then break into a run again. But do this only if you have regularly worked out and your body, heart, and lungs are ready for a higher impact workout. Always remember to do things gradually. Take it easy, no matter how long you’ve been working out. Take good care of your body. Don’t punish it needlessly. Love your body and God will love you for it–that’s what the bible says.

Walk-Jog is the Best 

Next to brisk walking, I feel that walk-jog is the best. If you don’t need to train as a competing athlete, you can just walk-jog and enjoy your workout, without having to target any goal. It’s like, I enjoy simply sight-seeing around without having any schedule to follow when I’m on a vacation trip. I just want to walk around and let my curiosity take me to different places. I so love that, instead of timing your leisure or a vacation with a strict program you have to abide with, having to be somewhere at a specific time.

Just enjoy your walk-jog. In fact, just enjoy life, whatever it allows you. And always thank God for it.


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