3 Ways to Find Rest from Your Bills



BILL-PAYMENT MINDSET BUILDER. Among my favorite Psalms passages is, “My soul finds rest in God alone.” I had it put on my dad’s gravestone. There’s a second passage that I love repeating to myself–“Find rest from your bills.” But don’t bother; it’s not found in the bible.

However, I’ve found 3 ways to find rest from your bills. I don’t know why paychecks won’t come from the mail everyday the way bills do–and bills have a habit of mounting in your mailbox. Just the sight of them makes you despair  and grieve. But my 3 ways to find rest from your bills can put a stop to that. Here goes:

1. Never look at the Mailbox Again. Simple common sense, isn’t it? Each time you go out, skip looking at the mailbox and look at something else–something more positive and inspiring–like how positive thinkers allegedly look only on the positive, bright sides of things and persons. I don’t know how they can actually keep up with that, but I’m not a positive thinker in that sense. And even if I avoid catching sight of our mailbox everyday, my creative mind and nagging conscience will keep giving me mental images of it. Well, at least you get about 10 seconds of relief by not looking at the mailbox.

2. Dismantle Your Mailbox. Naturally, if you dislike seeing your mailbox, dismantle it. It won’t be enough to just ignore it–as long as it’s there, your eyes are bound to slip and see it now and then. There’s no sense putting it there and then avoiding it entirely. Anyway, clinical and empirical tests have proven that man can live well even without mailboxes–because bills are likely to appear in your email inbox–unless you want to get rid of that, too.

But, sooner or later, your mobile phone would start getting messages from your bill collectors. On second thought, with your mailbox out of the way for good, bill collectors will have difficulty trying to get your email address next, and later, your mobile number. That should allow you a few days of being bill free before they get to you online.

3. Pay Them. The final option is to face the problem squarely and pay the bills. To get the money for this, you should be earning extra. This means, working a bit harder. These days, ordinary middle-class folks like you and me should be earning extra. It’s a must. It’s no longer optional. Well, do you earn extra? If not, it’s time to do so, and you may join me earn extra with the Vital-C health business. I, my wife, and eldest son do it offline and online. Vital C is pure alkaline, non-acidic, all-natural Vitamin C sodium ascorbate.

Just to give you a hint, the guy who indirectly introduced it to me earns an “extra” P40,000 a week. And the  guy who introduced it to me directly earns an “extra” P8,000 a month, and he started with the business just recently. And that’s for a one-time capital of only P8,888 for buying the health products.


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