What If You Can’t Brisk Walk?



FITNESS ROUTINE BUILDER. There’s heavy rain outside and it prevents you from going out for a brisk walk or run. Will that hamper you? Or, you have too many things to do, or too many desktop works and deadlines to finish that it makes you sit all day facing your PC–which is my lifestyle, by the way–leaving you no extra time to brisk walk or run or workout.

These things shouldn’t stop you from getting in tiptop shape. You can always do squats and jogging in place, which are my favorite workouts when I’m tied at home or if I don’t feel like going out to jog.

First, let’s talk about squats. If you do it right and long enough–like 30 reps in 4 sets–it’s as good as running or even better, sometimes, especially if you know how to focus on putting your whole weight on your legs as you rise and fall. I do this as a form of meditation. I concentrate on putting my entire weight on my legs as I gradually sink and rise. And then try it using only one leg to stand up and sit.

If you learn to appreciate squats, it won’t matter whether there’s a storm or snow or gunfight or a world war outside. Just do your squats indoors and do them well, and it would be like you ran for miles outdoors. But of course, there’s nothing like a good actual brisk walk or run outdoors enjoying nature, sights, and other people. There’s nothing like taking in fresh air. But in case something is getting in the way of an outdoor workout, just do squats and jogging in place, as far as working out your legs is concerned.

Here in Manila, in our suburb, and particularly here in Project 8, more and more folks are realizing the benefits of early morning brisk walks and running. However, because we are often visited by typhoons, few people workout indoors as hard as they do outdoors. Fewer realize the value of doing squats, except those with in-house gyms equipped with iron weights. You should incorporate squats seriously to your aero and weight training, along with brisk walks and runs, especially squats that involve only your bare body weight, not iron weights. With body-weight squats, you can do your workout even at the office, school, or park.


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