Dry Umbrella–But You’re All Wet



BROADER UNDERSTANDING OF LIFE BUILDER. You won’t believe this! Your umbrella has been ready since morning, it’s been kept in your bag, and you’re all confident to face downpours in the afternoon. And so, in the afternoon it rains. You get off the bus and charge against the heavy rain confidently, even excited to brave the rain with your umbrella. Who cares about the rain, you say, as long as I have my super umbrella? You take out your umbrella, but for some reason it won’t open. Meanwhile, the rain has gotten your body and clothes all dripping wet.

Then, just as abruptly as it fell, the rain suddenly stops. The dark clouds are in a hurry to leave and the sun is also too eager to show itself pronto. People around you close their umbrellas, having been protected by them from the sudden burst of rain, thankful that their clothes and bodies are dry. Then they see you and look in amazement. You alone are soaking wet. You feel silly being all wet while the sun is shining. “What happened?” their eyes ask in big wonder.

You arrive at the office and your colleagues marvel–dry umbrella but you’re all wet! What happened?

“Don’t look at me like that,” your mind shoots back. “Who knows what happened out there–or up there!”

Now, the real crazy thing is, they talk about you–dry umbrella but you’re all wet–all day long, making a big deal about it like it were some mortal sin, or how you’re a jinx and probably have a mole on your butt. Just because you got all wet by a freak rain. You’re type-cast from then on and will be known as the man who got all wet–dry umbrella but you’re all wet.

No matter if in the future you do something great for the company or cook lunch for your officemates or feed a stray dog or help a grandma cross the street–or if you have yourself shot in a musketry for heroically saving a mosquito from insect spray–they’d still remember that fateful day and say, “Wasn’t he the one who got all wet that day mysteriously when he came to the office but his umbrella was all dry?” And the good deed you did will be sidetracked and forgotten and that day when you had a dry umbrella but you’re all wet will be magnified forever in history.

Some folks are so unforgiving. So, what do you do in that tight situation?

What else? You try to eradicate the memory from their minds and get yourself all dry while your umbrella gets all wet in a sunny summer thunderstorm.


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