Practical Life Helps: Simple Yet Hard to Find

BUILDING LIVES ONLINE. Sometimes I’m astounded–guys supposed to be smart [they even have masters and doctorate degrees] sometimes don’t know what to do when faced with practical problems. They may seem like they don’t need help but you see them do blunders one after another–and to think that the situation they’re in merely needs simple practical remedies–like not buying something they don’t need. But there they are, rushing in line, desperate to buy something they’d later just put in a corner to rot.

Sometimes, they need someone to tell them what to do, though they are degreed and experienced–and I think deep inside they know they need help during those times–but they refuse to seek help, thinking it to be sin or a scandalous weakness. But they’d probably look for something that could help, like a book, and secretly buy and read it. Thus, our Expert Builder Ebooks, or EBEB. We produce practical life helps to build lives–simple yet hard to find remedies.

“Hard to find” because life today has become so complicated to the extent that common sense solutions have been grossly ignored. If it’s too simple a remedy, they laugh at it. They want sophisticated ones. Like some schools I know. They can’t just teach students to learn about what really matters–they need to have extra programs that only incur stress, pressure, wasted energies, and lots of wasted money. When I was in school, we survived fairly well with only books, lessons, and problem solving, with some simple field trips.

And look at me, for instance–I’d always held top positions in companies even if I never graduated from college and do not have any school credentials or diploma. I didn’t have influential people to back me up. I’ve always been seen as a leader (meek and simple at that) and some folks doing their thesis for masters and doctorate seek my help for sensitive subject matters. First, it’s because of God’s grace in my life. Second, our schools kept everything simple and practical back in those days. Remember them?

Thus, people today seem at a loss when talking about common sense and simple and practical solutions–especially humbling themselves to give way to a peaceful resolution of a problem. They maintain their pride, suffer stress for it, and later suffer stress-related diseases. I’ve even seen guys who excel at their careers but fail to have good relationships with their families and relatives. A lot of folks have broken marriages and families–though they seem so successful career-wise. They don’t know what to do.

So I and my wife thought of Expert Builder and its e-books. Like the apostle Paul, we lay a foundation as expert builders, helping to build lives. We have our discipleship group where we train folks in their lives in Christ. Some call this church; but we more preferably call it God’s family. We teach them good stewardship in Life, health and fitness, money, relationships, food, entertainment, and others. And when we say stewardship in handling money, we don’t mean making them millionaires or teaching them how to acquire material possessions in this life, but how to use money as God intended money to be.


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