Eat-All-You-Can: Good or Bad?

My small plate during an eat-all-you-can at Tramway.

My small plate during an eat-all-you-can at Tramway.

BUILDING GOOD EATING HABIT. Probably we need to rename it as Eat-All-You-Need. That’s actually what I do when invited to an eat-all-you-can meal. Some condemn it as gluttony, but in times like this, you sometimes need to be smart and practical. If you’re invited to eat out on a massive scale, why not go? It’s just a term and you don’t need to go by the term. You can always eat all you need, period.

Remember when Jesus treated his audience to an eating spree after the Beatitudes? To me it was an eat-all-you-need kind of meal, with Jesus making sure that everyone “ate and was satisfied.” You see that word, “satisfied”? That means the people ate all they needed. You should never eat unsatisfied because that would be bad for your health in the long run. Even if you need to eat in small meals, you should do it more than 3 times a day. Your body needs to be fed enough daily to enable it to do its tasks.

But don’t overeat. If you have had enough, stop. It’s unhealthy to put in more than your tummy can accommodate. And if by chance you happen to stack up more than is necessary, make sure to burn them as soon as possible. If you want to eat more on an eat-all-you-can dinner invitation, you can try having very light meals beforehand. Like, have oatmeal and soy milk for breakfast, and then vegetable salad for lunch, so that come supper time you may add a bit more of food for your eat-all-you-need meal. To me that isn’t gluttony–it’s eating satisfied and systematically.

And anyway, generous meals like that do not happen 3 times a day. They just happen on special occasions, like during Christmas season when folks are fond of inviting friends over for special dinner. Here in Manila, Christmas day and the days prior and after it are often feast days, so you better watch out. What I often do is eat mostly fruits and veggies and drinks lots of fresh fruit juices. If there are lots of heavy meat and carb choices, do use only a small plate. That saves you from gluttony.


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