How to Pray for God’s Miracles in Your Life: How the supernatural can happen to you now!

How to Pray for God' Miracles COVERBUILDING PRACTICAL SUPERNATURAL FAITH. First, the good news is, this is a very affordable e-book. If you want to learn the principles on how the supernatural can happen to you now, this e-book is for you. To get the e-book, simply click the report below. Proceeds from the sales will go to our HISgroup Church ministries (we sell e-books to raise funds than beg or solicit).

The reason why we are “born again” or why we need to be born of the Spirit is to be able to enjoy God’s spirit realms–so we can enjoy the supernatural. Otherwise, God can well save us without us having to be born of the Spirit, like what he did with Enoch who was simply taken. If you find the material world enjoyable, it’s nothing compared to the joy you find in the supernatural of God. Thus, Jesus told us some secrets of his ministry so his joy may be in us and that our joy may be complete.

Completeness of true joy is in the supernatural! So start learning the principles on how you can have the supernatural of God beginning today! This e-book is ideal for church people and leaders who need to move in the ministry of signs and wonders as well as non church people who simply need God’s supernatural touch in their lives for comfort or for overcoming some insurmountable challenges. When nothing in this world works, it’s time to try God and his supernatural ways.

Have you noticed how so many prayers remain unanswered supernaturally, and that what answered prayers most of us get today are no different from what nonbelievers also get from God? If believers boast of a “special” and “personal” relationship with the Lord, it should reflect in the kind of answers their prayers get. If what they get is also what the wicked get, then where’s the special-ness in the relationship? Worse is if the wicked get better deals from God’s general blessings (which he gives to both the bad and the good) than what we get!

Thus, it’s high time believers learn how to pray for God’s miracles in their life! To get this e-book, just click on How to Pray for God’s Miracles in Your Life on “Link” on the right sidebar. After paying through Paypal, you will be brought back to the Expert Builder blog site where clicking on a download button gives you a PDF copy of the e-book to your PC.


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