Don’t Just Burn Carbs and Leak Water

BUILDING PHYSICAL HEALTH. Looking at my homepage for a nice 15 minutes, I figured it needed a kind of subtitle on every article identifying what it is building in a reader. Like this one–this is on physical fitness, weight loss in particular.

It’s hard to get rid of the bulge in the tummy. I see a lot of joggers here in our village sweating a lot from their run and losing some extra bulge for a period, but then the extra bulge comes quickly back after a day or two. It was because they burned carbs or sugars, not fat. And most diets and exercises we know actually target sugar burning only. What we need is fat burning.

When we burn sugar we lose water, says weight loss experts. And that definitely makes us look slimmer and lose some weight for a while. But then it’s easy for water to be replaced. Just drink enough water and you’re back to your former weight–because the fat never disappeared.

Just remember this weight loss principle: each gram of active carbs you take is accompanied by 3 grams of water stored in your body. Thus, if you keep on burning only carbs, you keep losing water, and that would reflect a decrease in weight–for a while. You’d see that you look slimmer after all that sweating–but the old tummy bulge is still there!

To really burn fat,  you should burn carbs with the right food, at proper times, and the proper duration, says experts. Then get the right exercises. Remember, you need carbs to give you energy to burn fat. And to give you some tips here, one of the best ways is to eat lean meat along with little carbs. The lean meat, with enough weight-bearing exercise, will help give you lean muscles that ups your metabolism. That metabolism will burn fat naturally and continuously. Eating enough carbs give you the energy to workout some more.


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