Writing with a Personal Touch



I can do it well, but I hate doing it. Formal report or news writing is not for me. I feel so distant from my composition, like an unseen phantom talking to no one in particular. You’re there but you aren’t. Like painting a masterpiece but forbidden to put your signature on it. You can’t say “I” or “me”–you just talk there like a robot. They can’t do that to me–I love writing with a personal touch.

But I do quite a bit of news articles for the money. And they like my finished products a lot, even saying writers of my caliber are hard to come by these days. They wouldn’t let me go. I earn good money from news or feature writing but I get terribly bored by it. I want to talk to my readers as a person–not just a writer–and tell them my opinions and ideas. So I like writing in the first person, including myself in the picture. In a sense, I hate being a photographer–I love taking selfie shots now and then, and especially with others.

Writing with a personal touch lets you share your thoughts and reach out to people. It allows you to express your unique person and leave a distinct mark on people’s hearts, not just leave them facts. But I don’t just write about me all the time, though. I make sure I put in lots of well researched and relevant facts as well. It’s not just for SEO ranking–it’s for sincerely helping people out. You put out a site online about something. Well, make sure you deliver them that something, aside from saying your piece.

There’s also a way to make readers know your side of the story when writing news types. You insinuate it. You don’t directly lay claim to it by saying “I” but readers somehow know the idea is yours because they see your name under the article title as the author. But I don’t get excited by that. I don’t want vague impressions. I want them to know that I said it. It’s my idea.

You know what’s worse? Ghostwriting. All your efforts and wisdom are credited to another guy who probably can’t write one short sentence correctly.


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