Try Laying Hands on Yourself

I think nobody in the bible did it.  People always looked for a man of God to do the healing and miracles for them in God’s Name. But Jesus said he’d do anything we asked in His Name. So I thought, why not  lay hands on yourself? I did it and it happened. From then on, I always layed hands on myself when I felt sick or about to get sick. I also do it to prevent health problems from setting in. Like for instance, if I accidentally swallow something unhealthy, I lay hands on myself so I won’t get the side effects.

Once, I accidentally took a medicine more than I should because in my busyness I forgot that I took it just 4 hours ago–and it was supposed to be taken once a day only. I started feeling the scary side effects and my heart rate went up and down, although my BP stayed normal, thank God. I just prayed and in effect laid hand on myself. It worked. My health condition stabilized without having to go to a hospital for check up. I’ve proved this a lot of times.

It’s because Jesus is 100 percent in you–as well as the Holy Spirit–so your hands together with the word you release from your mouth become potent spiritual healing tools for getting physical results. It’s not you but Jesus in you. People ask, does Jesus in you get sick too when you do? Obviously no, but the good news is, the Healer is right inside you if you have surrendered your life fully to him. He lives in you. All you have to do is act in his behalf  (he’s given you a special power-of-attorney to act and speak in his Name like it’s himself doing it) and it happens. At first it’s unbelievable. Later it becomes a fact of life.

Sometimes, you lay hands on yourself and nothing happens. That’s when God wants you to visit your doctor or take medication. Well, really, I believe a time is coming soon when no one in Christ will say, “I’m ill.” It’s actually prophesied in Isaiah 33. But before we get to that event (zero illness), we need to master laying hands on people and laying hands on ourselves for healing. So start practicing it now.

And talk about practicing healing, lots of church leaders and  folks raise their eyebrows in disbelief when I say you have to practice the gift of healing. Just keep trying it. When you have mastered its Kingdom mechanics, then keep using it. That’s how you “practice” a spiritual gift. The same is true with tongues. How do you “practice” the gift of tongues? By worshiping God with your all–body (even your internal organs says Psalm 103), soul, and spirit. When you have reached the zenith of your worship, human language becomes insufficient and irrelevant. Then you start speaking in tongues without meaning to. To me it becomes natural. No sweat.

You “practice” the gift of prophecy the same way.

Nope, you don’t force the spiritual gifts on yourself. Instead, your intense desire for Christ triggers it.

It’s ridiculous to hear Christians who do not speak in tongues talk about the gift like they’re experts on it. They tell you what’s the wrong and right gift of tongues. It’s like a German or American who can’t speak Tagalog telling you–a Filipino–the right and wrong way to speak Tagalog.

Anyway, going back to laying hands on yourself. Keep doing it till it becomes natural to you. Do it because you want to imitate Jesus. And take it from me, not from seminary or bible school folks who never experienced laying hands on sick people or on themselves.


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