They Won’t Jog Till Their BPs are Up

I’ve been jogging in our vicinity streets since I was in grade 7, so I’m the most veteran of all joggers here. I’ve seen joggers come and go. But I especially love watching certified non-joggers in the village suddenly get up early in the morning and hit the streets to jog because their blood pressures started going up. Guys like them often had their BPs going berserk earlier than when they found out about it, and while they had been unaware of it, they laughed at how you’d been wasting your time and strength jogging each early morning.

They looked at you like they were saying: “You run, but not me. Unhealthiness will never happen to me.” Or worse, their looks seemed to say, “Exercise is for those who have no money to pay hospital bills or are afraid to die.”

But then one day, you find them running early morning in the street with a desperate look on their faces. You ask them why and they say, “My doc said my BP is up” or “my triglyceride level is high,” or “my blood sugar is abnormal.” Then I ask mentally: “Why did you have to wait for this to happen before you decided to run?” Simple wisdom says, prevention is lots better than cure.

I’m telling you, it’s joy unspeakable to be jogging purely for health maintenance, not because you have to lower your abnormal blood chem readings. You see folks always with that look of desperation on their faces when running or brisk walking because of their  problematic health. But those with normal health just enjoy their run. Some folks–they won’t jog till their BPs are up. Don’t wait for that to happen. Jog now, after getting a go signal from your medical doctor!

There’s something else wicked I saw that goes on in the world–abusing your body and countering that with exercise. Some even do it with health supplements. They eat lots and lots of fatty food or drink and smoke or stay up late at night–and then fight that off by being a health buff. What a foolish thing to do! Well, sure enough some of them build bulky muscles, but such muscles do not guarantee good health. Often, they disguise bad health that is a mere inch close to the grave.

Never take chances with health. It’s like spiritual life–you need to be in tiptop shape daily, each moment. Some church folks wait till they’re drowning in sin before they try to shape up. More efforts and time are needed when you do that just to recover. And often, 80 percent of the fun is lost. The same with physical health.


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