Expert Builder is on Amazon!

I and my wife celebrated this morning when I showed her the fruit of my years of labor. I’d been trying to publish my books in hard copies but the cost always frustrated me. I tried online with the same results–until lately I discovered Kindle Digital Publishing [KDP]. I’d heard stories how it was difficult to publish books via Amazon because of strict standards and I didn’t think my simple Microsoft Word files would pass them.–until I stumbled on KDP during one of my researches for a client and found how easy it was.

So far, one thick e-book is live (I and my wife couldn’t contain our excitement I decided to celebrate! Finally!) and 2 more are under review. Several more books are waiting to be uploaded. I’ve been writing books almost all my life and this is a major breakthrough. A milestone! My first Amazon e-book has the cover above, cover artwork also done by me on Amazon. I’ve written briefly about “Leaving the Land of Slavery” in one of my reserved articles for Expert Builder, but I just want to do a bit more here.

The e-book is on God’s end-time church revival formula as written in Scriptures. I know, there are lots of Christian churches and religions going on in the world today but God is yet to introduce his real church (something which was initiated in the Book of Acts but postponed by man’s version of his own “Christian” church)–a glorious, radiant church–without sin, name, denomination, physical address, government recognition, one emperor-leadership at the top, or anything of the world or man. It is a church Jesus Christ Himself is preparing as a bride and will soon introduce to all as his church–his own body. No man or church has yet seen this great event. See it in this book.

By God’s grace we will be publishing more Expert Builder books on Amazon and other online publishing outfits on the following: health and fitness, inspiration, online money matters, fiction, careers, personality development, and more–anything that will help build lives and provide a sure foundation for people.

To order or inquire about the e-book above, just contact us by using the form below:


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