Why People are Intrigued by Ghost Stories



Today is the last day of October here in Manila, which means tomorrow is All Saints Day–a day when people visit their dead in cemeteries. It’s also a time for clan reunions (right there in the graveyard), prayer, sharing, laughter, fun, and lots of food and music. And most of all, it’s a time for hearing ghost stories and watching the same on TV or DVDs.

And ghost stories never fail to tickle people’s curiosity. It’s been an all-time salable commodity in books, movies, on TV, online, or even in casual conversation or gossip. When it’s about ghosts, people listen with gusto. They even spend money which they won’t do for health purposes. Why?

People are intrigued by the unknown, especially by what lies beyond the grave. What happens after you die? What happens after you expire at the ER or ICU? What happens when you are placed in a morgue and finally placed in a coffin and tomb? Do you become aware of all that, lying there stiff cold (with all that make-up on your face, a hairstyle you don’t want, and a formal suit you hate wearing) unable to move and hearing everything that goes on around you? Will your spirit see your bereaved family, the visitors to the funeral, the entire internment?

Or, will you become a ghost? Can you picture yourself someday becoming a ghost after you die and haunting a place–like your house or room or office–and scaring people off?

When you don’t have facts about a subject matter, it becomes mysterious and you entertain anything that seems a plausible explanation, like ghosts are spirits of dead people. In the bible, no dead person can stay on earth to haunt places and appear as ghosts. You’re probably given limited time here right after you die–as Jesus stayed here for 3 days and then 40 days before he left earth for good–but you can’t stay here to be a permanent ghost haunting and scaring people. After you die, you’re judged.

You can’t linger around to “avenge” your death or ask for help or prayer or help mortals, as paranormal “experts” would have it. Ghosts are not spirits of dead people. They’re nothing but unclean spirits, demons (called familiar spirits by the bible) who are out to deceive people into thinking that your spirit can remain here and wait for your relative’s prayers to eventually give you rest and get you to heaven. In the meantime, you become a spooky ghost.

Familiar spirits have the skill to imitate dead people so that ignorant mortals will treat them as their long dead relatives. These unclean spirits watch people from birth to death so they can easily imitate their form, voice, thinking, mannerisms and ways and pass that off to folks as “ghosts of dead people.”

But truth is, the bible says that after you die, you face God to be judged. No one can “pray” for your soul or spirit to somehow get you to heaven. Your life on earth alone is God’s basis for judgment, not anyone’s prayers. And the judgment is simple: “He who has the Son (Jesus) has life. Whoever does not have Jesus has no life,” [1 John 5.12]. As simple as that. Knowing this valuable truth frees and builds lives. It’s a sure foundation.

So the next time you meet a ghost, just ignore it.


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