Why Water is Often All You Need



Building up your health or chipping off bulges from your figure? Believe it or not, often, water is all you need. Water is a powerful regulator in the body, regulating the different body organ functions and systems to normalcy–even body fat storage. This was proven by a German study at the Franz-Volhard Clinical Research Center by medical Dr Michael Boschmann and his colleagues. The study was featured on WebMD.Com. After seven men and seven women were made to take 17 ounces of water each, their metabolic rates [rate at which the body burns calories] went up by 30 percent. The increase happened within only 10 minutes after drinking and lasted about 30 to 40 minutes after.

The research further concluded that if people just add 1.5 liters to their daily water consumption in one year, they’d burn about 17,400 calories or reduce in weight by 5 pounds in that year. What if they complement this with healthy eating and regular exercise? Moreover, Boschmann and company said the metabolic increase is due to the body’s attempt to “heat the ingested water.” Their study appeared in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, December issue.

Some fitness experts agree with Boschmann. They maintain that enough water intake daily results to substantial weight loss. But the problem is the seeming repugnance of water to most people, especially adolescents. Plus, some fitness gurus bad mouth water for weight loss as a “myth.” Consequently,  people would rather take coffee, energy drinks, artificial “fruit” juices, soda, softdrinks, beer, or wine than drink pure water. Sugar sweetened beverages are popular in malls and groceries among young people and the result is the growing incidence of obesity everywhere. Even some infant formula milk are reportedly loaded with sugar. Thus, the growing obesity epidemic.

Imagine eating cake, pasta, fries, burgers, and pizzas–popular food today–and downing all that with softdrinks! And then people wonder why they’re growing bigger despite their workouts and “diets.” If they just decide to trash all synthetic drinks and start drinking enough pure water daily, probably half of their weight-gain woes would be solved. It seems incredible but the solution is so simple, cheap and readily available–water is often all you need.

Some gyms promote special weight loss drink formula rich in protein–and which is costly–for faster weight reduction (and faster profits, too), but seldom do they share about the the wonders of water in weight loss, except probably in passing. Special fruit, yogurt, and whey beverages for weight loss are also good but they are so expensive. It’s about time to promote the health benefits of water more, especially for slimming, and give chance to folks who cannot afford to take costly weight loss beverages regularly.


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