LEFT BEHIND: Just One Thing About It



Being expert builders in the Spirit, I and my wife determined to see the movie, Left Behind. We weren’t disappointed with what we saw and in fact were almost teary-eyed by the time it ended. There were right amounts of almost everything–suspense, action, romance, thriller, the works. The Christian end-time message in it was clear.

I heard that it got some unfair criticism from some quarters, even from some Christian churches–I think especially about the part where the church pastor himself was left behind. Well, the only thing I can say about that is, why only the pastor? There will be lots of frustrations when rapture happens because many in church–especially the active ones–will be left behind, not just pastors who never believed what they preached.

One day I was shocked to see so many pastors during their meeting who so relished about mocking God’s Word. They blindly believed their denominational doctrines but treated other bible passages not included in their doctrines as a laughing matter. A lot of times, born again Christians are the first to trash God’s Word.

You just have to look around to see how many so-called bible believers treat holiness very lightly–as if righteous living is outdated in this era. They are so boastful of their church accomplishments and church planting activities but smirk at living a holy life daily–saying things like righteousness and holiness will only shoo people away from church and are really counterproductive to church growth. “Salvation is by grace, anyway!” they insist.

If I were to direct Left Behind, I’d focus on 2 things–salvation of unbelievers and church people who think they’re already saved but are not [they’re merely too exposed to church culture and lingo]–not so much on how the pilot was able to make a safe plane landing despite the odds. The Book of Revelation focuses on 7 churches in Asia initially, many of which thought they were doing okay with God but were really worthy of being “spewed out” of God’s mouth, who “have the reputation of being alive but are really dead,” to mention a few.

Overall, Left Behind is a great evangelism effort that boosts salvation awareness among the unsaved worldwide–and we know how movies have a great impact on people. But there’s just one thing about it that I feel should have been improved on–the inclusion of more church people and leaders who got left behind because “there’s a way that seems right to a man but the end of it is death.” That should have awaken churches and church leaders–no matter if they’d have protested more–and that would have made the movie an expert builder in a deeper sense.


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