Benefits of Reading



Some folks asked me, “Why Expert Builder e-books?” Four reasons:

First, e-books are easier made available to people worldwide. Imagine the small capital it takes to make your books available to millions out there on the planet.

Second, by reading books, you prevent brain idleness which can lead to dementia, as already mentioned on a previous post here. Idle minds weaken brain neurons and weaken memory. If you always prefer watching videos online to reading articles or e-books, you may fall victim to dementia someday and we don’t want that to happen. So Expert Builder is pushing hard to convince people young and old to keep reading. Read, read, read! It’s among the best ways to keep the mind healthy and sharp! Join us in our crusade by following us!

Third, reading adds perk to body health. I know this for a fact. When my mind is satisfied, filled with intellectual goodness from reading good books, my body follows suit. I feel good inside and I feel like working out physically. Do you also react this way to good reading? I don’t know–when I read good stuff, I feel inspired to workout. In addition, reading helps equip you with health and fitness facts and updates. I love reading Readers Digest because I’m always updated mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There are social and financial bonuses as well. Yeah, I watch videos and enjoy them, but I always determine to spend more time reading good books.

Fourth, reading feeds your spirit. Nothing can access your spirit easier like your mind can. Your emotions can do that, too, but emotions often feed your spirit negatively, if your mind is weak to take charge of the emotions. A critical and sharp mind easily transfers or transmits information to the spirit and ably interprets it in ways that the spirit can easily absorb and store. If you read positive and godly materials and your mind processes them with alacrity, your spirit is empowered and you live more stably and maturely. This is what happens when you read the bible with the Holy Spirit guiding your mind. Your spirit gets filled up and you become excited with life!

Thus, Expert Builder always urges folks, whenever we can, to keep reading and figuring out and criticizing things they read. Always ask the who, why, what, where, when, and how. Explore, search, and inquire. Then you conquer territories. The brain can expand and strengthen as you age because it can build new neural pathways to deeper and broader thinking which passive video watching can never attain. Your mind can power-up as you age!

Which makes me ponder, on second thought–in creation, the Word was spoken first before visuals came alive. That shows you the power of the Word and why you must keep reading it.


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