Why Non-Writers Should Write Blogs



I urge people to write–even non-writers. If you can construct sentences and paragraphs, you can start a blog, even if your grammar isn’t perfect. So, start one right now. I even urged my wife while we were brisk walking one early morning, and I told her why. And here are reasons why:

Active Neurons. Writing comes with research, and research with reading. And with blogs, you have to do these things regularly, never giving your mind any opportunity to be idle. Mental idleness often gives way to dementia, say experts, so you have to keep your mind healthily and happily busy with things to figure out and analyze. Blogging keeps you learning new things and investigating new fields of knowledge.

Life Record for Self Evaluation and for Posterity. The best way to improve yourself is to write about yourself–write about your daily activities, interactions, and accomplishments. This way you weigh how effective and productive your daily routine has been or weed out what you see is mere clutter clogging your life and making it too burdensome and stressful.

Give a Peek of the Past to Posterity. Each time I read my late dad’s and mom’s accounts of our daily past in their diaries, I enjoy getting a peek of how we all were years back (since the 1950s) and see how far our family has gone through the years especially in terms of familial closeness. The same with my kids and nephews and nieces. If hard-copy diaries can give that thrill, imagine how it will be with blogs that can be easily accessed even by friends and relatives in other parts of the world–and at other times!

Leave a Legacy. We can continue to communicate our aspirations and dreams to posterity–even to those we can’t meet in our lifetime–through our personal blogs. Tell them how you feel with certain issues or developments, how you wish your descendants would be, your prayers for them, and more. Imagine how exciting that would be to your grandkids through the generations.

Personal and Career Development. Writing develops your personality and even career. Whatever your career now, if you research and write about it, can be further molded to the next higher level. Later on, who knows–it can be a resource for others who are looking for ways to develop theirs. And that could be used for earning extra income online as well in your favor.

Don’t worry about grammar or style. Just say what you want to say, in your own unique style.


6 thoughts on “Why Non-Writers Should Write Blogs

  1. I can vouch for the neurons bullet point. The act of blogging has many times prompted me to connect disparate ideas and news items I’d read beforehand but didn’t realize were tangential to the discussion. It really does create connections in your head, forcing you to learn new things. Great post.


  2. I’ve always thought of writing as the best thought-enhancer in the world. I used to take one paragraph and break it into sentences, then try and write a paragraph about each sentence, and then keep repeating the process whenever I had spare time, just to see how far I could go. It was a really neat experiment.


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