Are You a “Free” Slave or Are You Slavery Free?

There are true marks of a totally freed person, as there are true marks of a totally enslaved one–who thinks he’s been set free. The marks are often indiscernible to folks who go by the standards of this world (even standards of the worldly church), but clear and obvious to folks who have been totally set free from worldliness, sin, and Satan.

Leaving the Land of Slavery helps you make sure you’re not “serving” and “worshiping” God while a slave of the enemy in enemy territory, but one totally freed by Christ and conquering with him in enemy territory. The Israelites in Moses’ time, together in unity, had lots of activities and hard works that resulted in great achievements in Egypt, but only the enemy benefited from them. As long as you are the enemy’s slave in enemy territory, you only help him become more powerful to you.

That was until Moses went out, was set free by God, and went back to enemy territory to conquer with God–and lead God’s people out of it all. There are important spiritual principles in this that all Jesus believers should learn, especially church leaders and pastors, to truly empower their evangelism and church planting–not just gather crowds and turn them into church members but genuinely take them out of the land of slavery. It is useless to tell people the Good News of salvation if they will remain slaves of the enemy after hearing all about it. And it is even more useless if people who share the Good News are themselves still slaves of Satan–no matter if they plant millions of churches everywhere..

Like it or not, this scenario happens in most churches and ministries. But there is a God-given remedy to all this so that believers can build the glorious church of Jesus Christ, which is without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and pure! The powerful Kingdom principles are all laid out in the Old Testament and magnified in the New Testament.

This e-book, Leaving the Land of Slavery, will help you identify the principles and apply them to your ministry–so we can all be part of the glorious church of Jesus Christ in these last days!

A copy of the e-book costs only Php 350 or US$8. And buying it will help our ministry to poor folks and kids. It is a Microsoft Document.

To order a copy, please fill out the form below and copy-paste this title, “Leaving the Land of Slaver Payment Options,” on the message box!


6 thoughts on “Are You a “Free” Slave or Are You Slavery Free?

  1. Amen. People must know about saving faith, not empty faith. Regeneration and being transformed, not conformed to this world. Being truly free as you said! Thanks for sharong


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