Expert Builder EBooks

e-booksWe will be launching what I call “building e-books” soon. In fact, there are already several titles available online, both free and priced. These e-books are aimed to help build lives and careers, coming from expert builders. The e-books touch on all aspects of life–spiritual, body health and fitness, weight loss, finances, careers, personality development, family, education, intellectual and emotional health, and things like these.

So just stay connected with us and even keep in touch.

We have not been active the last months because of the e-books. We prepared them as best we could and thought of ways how to market them with little funding–we’re starting small business that doesn’t have much funds. In fact, we’re just using a free blogsite, as you can see. But we aim to buy a dot com domain for this soon, also from wordpress, when we have enough money from the sale of our e-books.

We believe selling e-books is the best way to hit our goals–gathering funds and our mission to help build lives–aside from sharing ideas on our blog. We keep to our aim to build lives and careers online and also to build a network of builders like us who will help others in the same way we’re doing–sharing ideas, coaching, mentoring, encouraging, and establishing friendship.

The other day, I was discussing with a professional teacher about how the young generation today needs to be more independent about life and to do right decisions more responsibly. Parents seem to be more protective of their kids to the point of rendering the latter to be too dependent on them. Parents need to know how to be expert builders, not demolition workers. They need to know how to build foundations, not just supports.

We believe we can help in this respect through our how-to e-books, among others.



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