El Nido Palawan


Palawan is fast becoming a popular tourist destination in Manila. Recently, I found my FB friend posted nice scenic pictures of it–specifically El Nido, Palawan–on the site. So I asked permission for re-posting on this site to see for yourself what Palawan has in store for visitors. I’ve never been to Palawan in my life (I hope someday, Godwilling) so the pictures are as mesmerizing to me as to anyone who hasn’t gone there yet.

I borrowed the picture from the FB page ELNIDO TOURISMO, so if someday you come across it, do like the page and get more exciting details about the Philippines. My friend’s name who is one of the page’s admin is Rizalia Maranan. Thanks, Rizalia, for the privilege of allowing for the re-posting of this unique pics.


Rocky formation along Bacuit Bay, Palawan.

Palawan has lots of rocky cliffs like this where edible birds’ nests are taken and sold to exotic restaurants in the area. The nest, rich in the tasty content said to be found in the bird’s sticky saliva used for forming the nest, is mixed in soups and served to guests for a considerable fee. Visitors keep coming back for the unique delectable taste of Nido soup.

Rocks and foliage in artistic balance.

Rocks and foliage in artistic balance.



With crystal clear waters.

With crystal clear waters.

Nature is God’s gift for man’s inner healing. The tip is to visit places like this with no gadgetry attached to you, especially no earphones or headphones. Unique moments where you find yourself in paradisaical places like this you shouldn’t ruin with loud music. In fact, the only music you should ponder on is the quiet whisper and calming rhythm of nature. Just close your eyes and shut off everything except the quiescence around you. There, you “hear” God’s impressions upon your heart.

It’s the best sound you should determine to hear in your lifetime to build up your spirit.


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