If You Need a Trainer

TrainerIf you need a life trainer–someone who can train you to meet life challenges maturely and successfully–you can hook up to the Expert Builder. Just connect with me through email. First thing you do is email and tell me you want to connect with me as your life trainer. In Manila, my trainees call this discipleship or mentorship. They connect with me and I share with them my life experiences to learn from.

I’ve seen a lot in life and have overcome lots of challenges–from challenges in office politics to those in school, church, and the streets. I’ve worked for various companies in different managerial capacities, worked as an ordinary employee, and have learned a lot about human relations in various businesses and investments. I’ve sat in seminars done by gurus and experts–on finances, business, health and fitness, church and ministries, employment, medical sciences, health supplements, nutrition, workouts and exercises, careers, the environment, agriculture, investment, insurance, and many others.

I even was a fratman (a member of tau Gamma Phi) and am a 5th dan blackbelt in Filipino martial arts.

So, I’m an expert builder, building the lives of people who ask my assistance.

I’ve tried a lot of positive things because I’ve been excited about what God put into my life. I never tire of learning new things and trying new things that count in life and God’s Kingdom, and I can share a lot of these with people who want to connect with me and want to get more spiritual benefits out of life.

If you need a trainer because you’re young and need some guidance as you excitedly try new adventures in life, you can connect with me. Even if you’re an adult but you feel the need of a companion who could share you some thoughts on life–probably act as your older brother–then do connect with me.


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