Don’t Get Old


Just Age Well

I always tell my close friends and bible study group—don’t get old. Age well instead, like wine. And it’s possible–God designed this so that it’s all up to you. Sadly, lots of people choose to get old.

When Jesus turned water to quality wine, the host said something like this: “I often see how best wine is served only at the beginning of a party, but you guys have been serving the best till now!” That’s how God designed abundant life–it just keeps getting better as you advance in age.

Serve the best wine till now!

Don’t let your life turn into most parties or weddings, as the party host above said–only good in the beginning but worsening or turning sour with time. And I’m referring to the spiritual, mental, social, emotional, physical, and financial. God’s will is for people, especially believers, to live life forever, as it is in heaven. No  one gets old or sick or broke in heaven. And His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. How? By giving us “this day our daily bread,” and so on.

Prosperity is not just about money and material possessions. First and foremost, it’s about aging well like wine. It’s about getting simpler and meeker in life, becoming more selfless, low-profile, quiet, and happy with simple good gifts from the Father of the heavenly lights. It’s understanding well that all accomplishments are of God and all accolades belong to Him alone. That’s maturity. That’s aging well like wine. So don’t get old.

Physically, Moses and Caleb never got old. They remained in their prime even at 80 and beyond–Moses climbed mountains without special climbing gears (and without the aid of roads or highways) at past 80 and Caleb fought wars manually, with raw, brute strength, also at past 80 or so. It’s God’s will that we age with healthy and fit bodies with zero ailments. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pursuing this–age well like wine.

It’s man’s will to get old and get sickly as he does. God has nothing to do with this. If you re-visit the bible, you’d see that God wants us to get better as we age–advancing “from glory to glory.” If you want a powerful testimony on miracles and healing, testify about your glorious aging like wine–not so much on how God cured you of ailments or how he provided for your huge hospital bills. He does that, but if you want to really glorify Him, talk about not getting old but aging well instead.

Not growing old also means we become more broadminded as we age, becoming more patient and understanding (not hardheaded and difficult), and seeing the high and supreme wisdom in being poor in spirit, meek, low-profile, and always considering others better than us–and forgetting about the flesh’s craving for recognition, appreciation, and awards and trophies.

So, don’t get old. Eat more of the spoken Word of God to live the life of Jesus, eat healthily, workout regularly, take natural health supplements, read more to broaden the intellect, study new things, earn more money for God and His Kingdom, and advance in meekness and simplicity through it all.

In short, to not get old, never feed your ego.


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