Why Keep Your Energy for the Positive

Lightning_over_Oradea_Romania_zoomIt’s getting more difficult to find sources of energy while getting easier to spend and lose it–and I’m not just talking about energy to light up bulbs, put electricity in wall outlets, and run industries. Especially, I’m talking about energy to power up our mind and body and produce beneficial things with it. That energy we have to use wisely and make sure it’s used only for the positive.

You need enormous amounts of energy to come up with better ideas and do things better–for coping with life. And I mean energy for the body to burn and fuel up our performance. It’s more than just eating more carbs daily, though it helps lots to eat healthy breakfasts everyday–with enough carbs–to keep you energetic. However, what I’m talking about is more than that. We need energy for the mind and emotions and we need this energy purely for the positive things in life.

Energy is hard to come by, and most times, many people use the energy for the negative. I’ve seen folks with enormous energy put to their anger, hatred, pessimism, vengeance, inferiority complex, resentment, malice and the like. They never tire of these things and savor them, in fact. All that energy put to waste. If you live like this, you drain yourself of energy quickly without replenishment, so that you see these people eaten up by their ill will and thoughts. Physically, their immune system eventually goes down and their anti-aging defenses with it.

Well, you may not see their faces aging now–not many wrinkles and white hair–in fact, they may even look young on the skin, but their emotions do age tremendously. Their spirits look old and depleted, no freshness within. It’s the hardest thing to happen to you–grow old without growing up. If this happens, you can be sure your internal body systems also age fast. Later, it will suddenly manifest on the outside, and you see folks like this suddenly get old and pestered by ailments. Life stress like this is the number one cause of cancer.

I’ve seen folks I know who had looked so young once but suddenly turned old (almost “miraculously”) when I saw them again after some time–and especially without their make-up or hair color on. They used up all their energies for the negative–getting angry at this or that person, kindling resentment and hidden hatred for too long, complaining too much all the time and hard to please, remaining difficult persons, demanding respect and recognition, imposing strictures on people, intolerant of other’s opinions or beliefs, and with too much self-importance. They spend their lives with these things.

GOD is the source of all energies in the universe, and he gives energy to be used for positive endeavors–things that align with His will. In Jesus’ life told in the bible, we see  this in the form of a very (even extremely) simple life devoid of boasting, self-conceit, self-importance, self-aggrandizement (in fact, devoid of anything that boosts the ego), hidden sins and other negatives like that. Keep your energy for the positive alone.

Once you see yourself about to spend energy on the negative, cut off the supply pronto and redirect it to the positive. It all depends on the will God gave us to use for aligning our lives to His Life and purposes. It all depends on you. Don’t blame others or anything. Now and then, God may call us to check or denounce wrong, and using energy for this purpose is positive as long as we don’t take anything personally. Being a firm Jesus believer, I am sometimes called on to write about things God tells me to and which often offend some people and make them think ill of me. I refuse to use energy to retaliate.

I conserve my energy only for the positive. And anyway, I shouldn’t take things personally. I just ignore what they say and go on with the life God wants me to live. It’s the only thing worth the energy.


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