You Never Lose What You Never Earned

1620353_10203178835538918_3763268663839714920_nOkay, today we go basic, but we’d push this topic a bit higher later. We need to “leave the elementary teachings on Christ,” says Hebrews. A lot of people ask me how not to lose salvation. And I also see folks doing everything they can to “keep” their salvation in Christ. So they keep active in church and give their tithes.

Worrying about this means you’re still a slave of the father of lies. You never lose what you never earned. Did you earn your salvation or was it given you? The last time I looked in the Book, it was given as a free gift. Or more precisely, it’s due to what Jesus did. He earned it for us. So, the real problem would be if Jesus starts doing wrong things–then we lose the salvation he earned for us. But my Jesus doing wrong? Impossible.

Now, here comes the real problem. When they hear about how you can’t lose the gift of salvation which you never earned, smart alecks begin to use that as a license to sin. So, do smart alecks in church really have no choice but to get saved despite their willful sinning?

First, John says anyone who continues to sin has not seen Christ or known him [1John3]. Second, again John says no one who’s truly born of God will go on sinning. Probably, you don’t have a genuine relationship with Christ yet that’s why you go on sinning. You’re just an active church member who knows church culture and lingo and that makes you look like a believer. You can’t lose salvation because you never had it in the first place.

If you’re a true believer, you may unintentionally slip into sin now and then, but you repent pronto. You don’t go on sinning. You easily hear the Holy Spirit’s conviction and you sorrowfully and regretfully repent immediately–about 2 to 3 seconds right after sinning. In this case, you don’t lose your salvation.

But what if you still don’t repent? Well, we go back to the first premise–you most likely never have been born again. The WORD says no one born of God will go on sinning. You cannot change that. What happened to you is that, you liked the idea of attending another church, got used to the things going on there, you liked the language and got used to bible verses you often heard there, and you became very active. Yeah, you “accepted” Christ and said a word of prayer and confession, but it was all in the head. You don’t get saved by accepting Jesus in your head.

Romans says, “It is with your heart that you believe and are saved.” Wholehearted receiving of Christ transforms you radically so that you begin to live Jesus’s own LIFE. No more sin.

You can never lose your eternal life if you genuinely received it. That’s why it’s “eternal.” It’s unending. And it’s never earned–it’s given to you by grace for free. It can’t be lost if it’s genuine–because you never lose what you never earned.


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