The Blessing of Being Jobless

Happy_Rich AIf you’re unemployed, thank God for being jobless. No kidding. I often say this to distraught people who fail to find employment, not just because we have to thank God for everything–even for unemployment because he has a purpose for everything–but also because of the blessing of being jobless–the opportunity to start a small business. Many don’t realize it but employment–especially good employment–is often the main hindrance to true success.

I’d rather start a small business than be employed, especially if I were still young and fresh out of college. Attend small business seminars and explore possibilities–find out what business you can do with a small budget. Make sure it’s a business you want and can enjoy. From what I have learned (and I’ve learned a lot from my experiences), you can start a small business with a P10,000 capital. There are a lot of legitimate businesses that allow you to start small but earn potentially big income with hard work and dedication.

What if you don’t have P10,000? You can start with direct selling which don’t require capital. Join a legitimate direct selling and marketing company as a sales agent and sell their products for a commission. From that, earn the money for your business capitalization. With discipline, positive mindset and determination, this can be done. Then start the small business you want when you have earned enough.

A carefully studied business has every chance to succeed. Thoroughly learn about  it and seek professional advice from those who are successful at it. Remember these 3 key factors–choose the right product, right place to do it, and right marketing strategy. Then work hard at it.

Enjoying a good job will never launch you to a business career and get you to real success. In this sense, sometimes I see employment as a curse than a blessing. There are some who end up well with employment, but the majority don’t. Often, no matter how hard you work, you end up with the same salary at month’s end. And once you get used to having a job, it will build a stronghold in your mind that says you can’t be in business. It will keep telling you you’re not tailored for it. You get stuck with fixed salary forever.

But all can end well with business if they choose to. You decide what income you get each month. You can later get manpower to watch your business as you set aside time for other things you want to do. You can leverage other people’s talent, effort and time by hiring them. Better yet, you leverage a business through a legit network marketing which gives both you and other people doing the business with you a win-win situation.

Yes, you can start a small business from a P10,000-capital if you seek hard enough, and then grow it to its maximum potential–with diligence, discipline and God’s grace and power. It may be hard work at the start, but it will give you freedom sooner or later which you can leave to your posterity–something you cannot do with employment, no matter how successful you’ve become at it.


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