Love Your Loyal Business Patrons

Customer Loyalty 2Brand Loyalty: Business People Should Gather Around Them a Company of Sukis

We call them “suki” in Tagalog–people who faithfully patronize our business. They keep coming back to your business for more. The question is why? If we understand the dynamics involved here, we can produce more suki for our business. So take brand loyalty more seriously.

First, sukis are people. They have needs, and it’s not just to buy your goods. They need people they can trust, and they gather around their lives as many trusted friends as they can. God created humans to naturally desire to reach out and belong. You need these people in your life and business.

Second, people are relational, especially in their buying activities. They want to buy from somebody they know, preferably a friend they feel safe, comfy, and happy to be with. A proven friend. You’d see that, no matter if other businesses try to draw them away with better deals, your loyal business patrons will still buy from you. To them, relation is what counts.

Third, trust makes getting quality easier. Most people like to do canvassing, seeking for better deals and quality before finally buying. But with the suki concept, all that is simplified because of trust. Your loyal customers believe they always get the best buys from you, so no need to scrutinize. If you sell things costlier, loyal patrons always understand and often treat it with a mere shrug of the shoulders. That’s the power of brand loyalty.

Fourth, people like small bonuses when they buy from their favorite stores–like a small discount, a product update, a freebie, a chat and some laughs, a listening ear, a nice advise, or even a gentle pat on the back. Sometimes, they buy things they don’t need just to get to you and get the small bonuses. So, be a generous business person. Be sincerely concerned for your customers. Even pray for them.

Fifth, loyal business patrons generate your repeat sales. And repeat sales are what you need to boost your business. For instance, you can sell them various commodities. This year, sell them insurance. Take good care of them. Then next year, sell them real estate. Take good care of them. Then next year, sell them health supplements. Service them well. Imagine the referrals they’d do when they talk about your products and services with their friends and help spread word about your business through word-of-mouth.

Always be mindful of the dynamics of creating and maintaining your list of loyal business patrons. Aim to have a long list and your business will thrive a long time. And make it a habit to add to that list from time to time, each month, ideally. The loyal business patron list is applicable online and offline. Go for brand loyalty.


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