Vitamin C is All You Need

oranges_5Vitamin C is often all you need to keep healthy or fight off ailments that have managed to sneak into your body. Yes, Vitamin C is all you need. I’ve been reading countless studies on this online and am amazed how this vitamin can handle almost all health conditions and even deadly diseases–if given the opportunity. Because the problem is, not many people give it serious attention. And you, who are reading this article, probably don’t take any Vitamin C supplement daily. Do you?

I used to be a non-believer. I thought health supplements were just added expense that just made other people profit from me. And anyway, I reasoned that I ate citrus fruits daily and drank “fruit” juices fortified with Vitamin C. Those were enough. Taking more might result to overdose. I didn’t know what I was talking about, but I thought everything I was saying was smart.

And anyway, I suffered from allergies each time I took synthetic vitamins. Either my face swelled or a part of my body itched. Worse, sometimes I had palpitations. So, he needed supplements? I kept away from it for years. Well, for a while it didn’t give me any problems. Just eat a lot of healthy food and you’d be fine. Later however, as age caught up with me, things began to change.

I began noticing how my immune defense weakened. I easily caught cold and cough which smoothly led to flu. It was like, I had the flu every other month. I regularly took fresh kalamansi and orange juices, to no avail. If a guy with cold sneezed anywhere near me, I was sure to have it, too, a few hours later. It also didn’t help that I was a fitness buff–I exercised regularly, but the exercise often also gave me illness. I saw clearly that I needed Vitamin C.

“Fresh” citrus fruits, I later learned after attending countless health and wellness seminars, were only fresh within 30 minutes after they had been picked from their trees. Each 30 minutes or so, their Vitamin C content evaporated. So most “fresh” citrus fruits we eat have minimal Vitamin C, if any, and the most we get from them are dietary fibers, which are also good for health, digestive health in particular. But nothing for the immune system–and (say some health and wellness experts) to think that Vitamin C is all you need to empower your immune system to combat every harm and illness in the body.

Another thing, synthetic Vitamin C supplements have high acidic content. Even if you took just one pill of it a day, your body would turn acidic. And acidity makes your body easy target for infections and diseases, like diabetes and cancers. So, what we need is to take non-acidic Vitamin C supplements–specifically, sodium ascorbate which is purely alkaline and underwent freeze drying to prevent Vitamin C evaporation. And I’ve been taking this kind of non-acidic Vitamin C supplements for a year now, and it works health wonders!

I thank God I’ve been enjoying tiptop health and fitness with my Vitamin C, and it’s even effective for weight loss. It is God’s plan that believers should be healthy and fit–physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, socially, and financially. That’s why I study health and wellness and share it with people through direct selling, meeting new friends and also sharing God’s Word with them. You see that? Vitamin C is all you need.


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