Discern a Stranger’s Character

10257001_660883270627428_965843931598971032_n - CopyIn my many years of experience dealing with people in almost every endeavor in life, I’ve learned how to discern people I meet–even discern a stranger’s character at a glance. Well, I attribute it first to the gift God gives to believers through his Spirit, and secondly, through sharpness you gain through years of using the gift–both of which are God’s grace to me in Christ. Not of works.

At a glance, I can discern a person’s character even if it’s the first time we meet. I notice that I discern two aspects of their character–if they’re humble or arrogant, and if they’re keeping something ominous in them. The discernment given you is not for sharing with other people, but for your protection and prayer. I have tested this many times already and I always hit the bull’s eye.

When I look at a person, a minute thought flashes in my heart and mind and I see whether the guy is arrogant and if he is trying to hide something in his heart. The guy may appear and act kindly outwardly but I somehow get into his heart and mind and see what’s in them. Everything in a flash and sometimes with a lingering impression.

Like one time. Church elders were interviewing a guy for an assistant pastorate. I wasn’t from the church but someone asked me what my opinion of the person was. I had seen him once and had heard him speak a bit, and that was enough for me to say I didn’t trust him–though he spoke in a very spiritual manner and all the “spiritual” church elders were impressed by him. He was taken in as assistant pastor.

Of course, I sounded judgmental, saying something like that of a person I didn’t personally know. But I really believed in spiritual discernment as a gift from God. And sure enough, after some months, the assistant pastor was unmasked. He was caught red-handed with sexual immorality. He resigned from that church and did another ministry somewhere. I heard he became a favorite of another church leader who took him in as pastor. Later on, he quit that ministry in favor of accepting a church call in the US.

You see, without the gift to discern a stranger’s character, you’re a helpless sitting duck to wolves in sheep clothing. And it’s never God’s will that the enemy trick us like that.

How do you have and develop this gift? Every believe can have this gift, if he or she believes it. If not–if all you have is amazement about the gift but doubt its truth–it will never work for you. Second, you need to use it. Be available to help people anytime, anywhere and use the gift to see what’s going on in their minds and hearts.

Pray to operate in the gift to discern a stranger’s character.


2 thoughts on “Discern a Stranger’s Character

  1. If you’ve been dealing with people fairly and had your share of having been had, somehow you get a bonus of being able to tell right people from wrong people. I believe God wills it so. Thanks for this article.

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