The Smaller Your Capital The More You Should Invest


Investment is the surest thing for time and financial freedom–the two things we aim for when we do an employment in the first place. Don’t find  a job just to be able to pay your bills till you die. I know they don’t realize it, but a lot of people live like that–they spend a lifetime finishing school and finding employment so they can pay their rent, electric and water bills, and credit cards. They do that till retirement and the day they die.

There should be more to life than that. And the way out of it is to aim for investment. All hard work should be geared to someday being able to invest–making your money work for you. And the earlier in life that happens, the better. If you’re still young and employed, make it your aim to make a bit of money for investment. And to most of us, this starts with employment.

Don’t be an employee all your life, no matter how attractive the retirement benefits are. After you’re 65, your small retirement pay would likely be spent on maintenance medicines. So don’t count much on it. What you should do is save some from your pay now so you can do a small business. And the possible business you can do is something that has to do with direct selling. Sell something. Money is in sales.

But don’t just be a business person all your life. You may have lots more money in business than in employment, but your business may enslave you. I’ve seen lots of rich business owners tied to their stores 24/7 till they died. Yes, they were able to pay their bills on time, but they never got to enjoy their money. They hardly seen anything in their lifetime outside their stores. The next step to doing business is investing.

Investing means making your money work for you. In employment and business, you work for money. With investments, your money does all the effort to grow itself. You invest money through an investment company that has highly skilled experts on investments. All you do is check on your earnings each month.

The good news is, you don’t have to have real big money to start investing. While you’re young and employed, you may skip doing a business and go right ahead to investing. Your small capital can grow big. In fact, the smaller your capital, the more you should invest. You don’t have to know everything about investments to earn money. Just let the money experts handling your money handle that.

Choose a stable and reliable company and put your money to work there. I and my wife started with just P10,000 and monthly we see our money grow with Sun Life. We didn’t know all about mutual funds but we knew the company. We can withdraw money anytime we want like in banks, but the difference is we get at least 10 percent profits each month. Actually we get more than 10.

I’m so happy about investing with Sun Life that I joined the company and is now a Sun Life agent.


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