How Regular Should “Working Out Regularly” Be?

redman-neale-chest-workout-image-04102011“Regularly” in “working out regularly” doesn’t have to be daily. But as a principle, you should be active daily. Workouts can be scheduled every other day or 3 to 4 times a week. That’s balanced, since you allow your body rest on certain days. Too much workouts also have side effects because free radical damage may be more than your body can handle, making you susceptible to ailments, at times. Moreover, your body needs to repair between workouts, and a day of rest is ideal.

But you need to be active daily. When it’s not my workout sched, I try to move a lot. I walk fast here and there, climb up stairs, leisurely do some pull-ups or isometrics, run for a moment, lift something heavy now and then, stretch or shadow box. Working out today and idling tomorrow is not advisable, so keep these things in mind when you’re working out regularly.

Some fitness experts recommend working out daily for 45 minutes. I do that sometimes. I mean, I may do that for a month and then next month, I make it every other day. If you’re a busy guy, do it 3 times a week, but keep active daily. If you’re confined to your office or desk, do squats and manual isometrics right where you are. I used to go inside empty rooms at the office (conference room most times) to do push-ups, kicks, and leg stretching. I also do full and quick punches in the air periodically while in my chair.

And I love walking to places. When I was in sales and advertising, I loved walking through covered paths, sidewalks, and through malls going to my clients if time allowed. I loved taking the stairs for reaching 2 or 3 floor levels above. This lifestyle makes your metabolism active so you don’t worry about gaining weight or developing unsightly fat curves, especially around your tummy area–even if you love to eat.

I don’t believe in dieting. I just eat what I need to eat, and sometimes, what I want to eat. By the way, I have a Blogspot account titled No Diet Slim. Visit it for regular weight loss tips as you go on eating what you want. Health and fitness is not about limiting yourself with food or restricting yourself from eating your favorites (which is often fatty, I’m sure). Common sense tells us we need to eat to feed the body with nutrients, and that means we need to eat all kinds of food.

The right attitude is just eat–as long as you’re working out regularly.


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