An Expert Builder

banner-masonryI’ve been a counselor all my life. Somehow, I notice how I often have a broader view of life and certain situations than others do, so usually I end up trying to sympathize with them, listening to their woes, and sometimes helping them understand their lot. And they seem helped by that, even built up.

I’ve also been a long time blogger and am managing lots of blogs, both mine and other people’s. But I want to have one blog that embodies all my life pursuits–counseling, discipling, health and fitness, PR, marketing, business and investment, food, and places, to name a few. In short, I’ve become an expert builder of people’s lives through my years of counselling experience and I want to put all that in one collection.

One day I saw WordPress and decided this is it. I can start with a free blog and later buy it for my own–for only almost a hundred dollars a year. If you want to help me buy this blog so I can help more people online, you may do so by donating. Just comment below. Anyway, since grade school, it seems it’s been my joy to help people understand their life situations and appreciate them more, see deeper meanings in them–even unfortunate ones.

Then, after college, I decided to mentor people. Today, I have some 20 folks–adults and young people who come to me regularly from far places to get mentorship or discipleship sessions. Others are sending feelers, interested to have the same for them and their families, but still cautious to make commitments. They want to see first what happens.  The rest think I’m starting a cult.

I share with people about life and God, especially how to cope up with life’s complexities, and get wisdom from it. Well, it seems it works. So I decided to name this blog Expert Builder. I’ve been doing it for more than 30 years, so I believe I’m an expert. And I love building lives for Christ by sharing the wisdom God has been giving me through years of relating with and studying people, and life in general.

Nope, this is not a religious blog. Just see how it also concerns about health and fitness, business and investment, and food, among other things. It’s about life and how it is lived happily with your loved ones. It’s life as God designed it.  I build life like that, and I do it as a calling.


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